Retailer Information

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Delivery contents fingerpocket

  • 2 fascia rings in different intensities out of nickel-free stainless steel
  • colour combinations blue & gold and red & green
  • 1 handy fingerpocket cotton bag
  • 1 “how to use” sticker

Delivery contents armpocket

  • 1 fascia ring for the forearm or calf (dt. Wade)
  • nickel-free stainless steel
  • 1 handy fingerpocket cotton bag
  • 1 “how to use” sticker

Benefits fingerpocket

  • improves the blood circulation
  • trains your fascia
  • supports the warm up routine
  • protects your ring ligament (dt. Ringband)
  • gives you smooth fingers
  • improves concentration

Benefits armpocket

  • massage your forearm
  • trains your fascia
  • makes you fell less pumped but still stoked
  • shortens your regeneration
  • prevents epicondylitis (dt. Golferellenbogen)

Applications instructions

  • roll it slowly over each finger/arm as often as you want
  • before, while and after climbing, running, playing the guitar, the piano, whatever you do….
  • do not wear permanently
  • fits all fingers, arms and even legs (calf, dt. Wade)
  • not for children under 6 years, due to danger of the items to be swallowed (dt. Verschluckungsgefahr)

Sales display

  • puts a spotlight on fingerpocket
  • looks great on your counter
  • makes you sell fingerpocket easy as a fly by
  • wooden hand adjustable as you want ;-)