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The set consists of fingerpocket, armpocket and a handy carabiner.

So your fascia are completely taken care of!

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\ application.

fingerpocket and armpocket are your optimal daily companions for all sports placing intensive demands on fingers, ligaments and joints. No matter whether you are doing climbing, bouldering, cycling, running, yoga, skiing, snowboarding, surfing or handball. Or very specifically during finger training on the campus board. fingerpocket and armpocket actively help to improve your training, increase your performance and protect your body, and give you a pleasant feeling of warmth during use.

fingerpocket application Sport Icon Klettern
fingerpocket application Sport Icon Biking Mountainbiking
fingerpocket application Sport Icon  Running
fingerpocket application Icon Sport Yoga
fingerpocket application sport icon ski
fingerpocket application sport icon snowboard

\\ benefits.

What can our products do? Click here to see the advantages of fingerpocket and armpocket at a glance. And in many respects they exceed conventional foam rolls.

- Stimulation of perfusion
- Massage
- Improvement of focus/concentration
- Stimulation of the fasciae
- Active protection against injuries
- Accelerates the removal of lactate (armpocket)
- Accelerates regeneration in case of injuries
- Warms your fingers (fingerpocket)
- Soothing when in pain
- Concentration boost
- Dissolves adhesions


\\\ fingerpocket.

The massage ring for your fingers. fingerpocket promotes perfusion when you roll the rings individually over your fingers with slight pressure. This helps warm up in sports, protects against injuries and can accelerate regeneration and effectively relieve pain in case of injury. The rings are therefore often used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists during treatment as well. In addition, the fascia of your fingers are massaged. This is good for flexibility and promotes concentration and focus.

fingerpocket is available in two colour variants. The rings in the set differ in hardness. A handy cotton bag for storage is included.


fingerpocket in (pink/green) and (blue/gold)

Application fingerpocket fp1 rot

How to use fingerpocket.


\\\ armpocket.

The massage ring for your arms. armpocket is a large fascia ring that massages your forearm. This helps to accelerate the removal of pesky lactate during training. This allows you to continue sooner, whether during boulder training, weight training, or before the next attempt to pass through your project.armpocket is a versatile alternative to a foam roll – it alleviates wrist pain, dissolves adhesions and promotes the healing process of muscle injuries of the arms by increasing the blood perfusion.

armpocket is available in a standard size selected so that everyone can perform targeted and effective massage with it. The cotton bag comes included!

product image armpocket ap(silver)

How to use armpocket.


\\\ care-set.

Fresh, new and limited: The fingerpocket care-set – only the best for your hands. A must for every climber and the perfect gift. The fingerpocket-care-set includes every tool you need to take care of your climbing-hands, before, during and after climbing!
The handy bag comes filled with the following products:
2 pieces of fingerpocket fascia rings
fingerrocket rasp with two different grain sizes
Manox hand balm. Natural balm based on bee wax
Benky climbing tape. The best tape on the market
Get it for only 24,90. Only for a limited time! Only online on the fingerpocket-shop!

Produktbild auf schwarz armpocket ap(silver)

All that is in it:


\\\ penguin fingers.

The cooling bags are specially made for fingers and toes to prevent injuries and help with regeneration.
Due to their shape, the Penguin Fingers help to cool the areas that need it. Compared to large cooling compresses, the cooling effect goes exactly where it is needed. Thanks to the "one-size-fits-most" fit, the cooling sleeves fit snugly and the effect can be felt within a few minutes.
We are the only official e-commerce trading partner that sells the highly sought-after Penguinfingers from Europe.


penguin fingers

Produktbild auf schwarz armpocket ap(silver)

application example


\\\\ how-to.

These videos show you the wide variety of applications of fingerpocket and armpocket. These routines come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), from the everyday life of our athletes, and from experts in occupational therapy and physiotherapy.


fingerpocket warm-up routine

Massage your fingers


Get focused with fingerpocket

ellbow rehab with armpocket


fingerpocket against cold hands

armpocket against pumped forearms


\\\\\\ team.

The three minds behind fingerpocket and our team of international climbing athletes at a glance.


team fingerpocket fabian hochheimer

Fabian Hochheimer



team fingerpocket lena marie mueller

Lena Marie Müller